Let's Get Work Done.

With our Super easy features!

Task Management

Lets you manage your work and your team’s work effortlessly

Individual tasks

to literally ‘mind your own business’

Group tasks

to poke your nose in where it belongs

Actionable tasks

in queue waiting to be picked up

Task prioritisation

because priorities first

Geo-based location tracker

to help prove a point

Time tracker

because time is money


The key to great work is proper communication

Group messenger

to broadcast any information or question

Personal messenger

for information that need not or cannot be broadcasted

File sharing & management

for quick access to documents, images and presentations

Set favourites

for easier revisiting


Because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Connect socially

to enjoy that match or lunch together

Create threads

for occasional meaningful chats

Share pictures, videos

and all those office jokes

24 hr. auto-refresh

because tomorrow is another day

Alerts and Updates

Timely notifications and reminders to keep you abreast

Task Notifications

whenever you
have something new to do

Message Notifications

so you are in the loop

Activity Tracker

to review what you’ve been
up to recently

Birthday Reminders

because we can never remember them

Office notice board

for a collective shout-out

E-mail Notifications

because we are not over that yet


Because they can help you solve any problem

Group reports

to track the efficiency of each group

Individual reports

to monitor each person’s contribution

Export & share

because it’s super easy to do it

Report summary

to avoid going through pages of data


No more signing on registers or pesky biometric scanners

Check-in and check-out

to mark your presence for the day

Track days of work

because salary is precious

Track hours of work

to prove just how hard you work

Track work location

whether in office or
during those sales calls

Other Features

Those we could not fit in the above headers

Share and manage files

all in one place

Comment on files

so your feedback is noted immediately

Search & Find

literally, not philosophically

Multiple companies & teams

all on the same app

Your wall

for a quick glance


that you can create and customize

Admin roles

for the privileged ones


at your beck and call

Coming Soon

Some more wonderful features to help you

3rd Party Integrations

Note making

Calendar and Meetings

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